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Selecting metrics

If you only specify dimensions for a report, the report will show all the recorded instances of the specified dimensions. To show actual metrics for the selected dimensions, choose the metrics in the Metrics list on the Data tab.

A metric is a measurement taken for a particular entity at a particular time or for a particular period. Each metric has a unique name. For example, the total count of bytes transferred by specific clients during a given length of time is referred to as Client bytes. Different data views have different sets of metrics.

There are three types of metric list available:

  • Tree view - lists all metrics arranged in theme-related groups.
  • List view - lists all metrics alphabetically.
  • Favorites - lists the most commonly used metrics.

    Use the search box to find specific metrics by name.

To select the metric, click its name. To cancel the selection, click Cancel (this option appears to the right of the metric name only for the currently selected metrics).

Filtering by metric

In the Filters box, you can define a filter by specifying an operator and a value.

  • To filter on results, just define the filter conditions:
    • The operator can be one of the following: =, !=, <=, >=, or >
    • You can logically AND multiple conditions with &&
    • There is no OR support for this filter
  • To filter on data for any of the filter conditions, prefix that filter condition with (data).

Syntax examples:

  • >= 10000
    To filter on results.
  • (data) !=0
    To filter on raw data.
  • >=100 && <= 2000 && (data) >0.5
    Note that only the last filter in this example is on raw data.

Example usage:

  • To report on all software services with total availability greater than or equal to 70 and less than or equal to 90:
    • Select the Software service dimension
    • Select the Availability (total) metric with a >=70 && <= 90 filter set on the metric