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Saving report definitions and placing reports on the dashboard

Use the Save Report screen to save a new report or a copy of an existing report that you have customized (or plan to customize).

  1. Display the report.
  2. On the report menu (upper right corner), select Save.
    • Save As - to saving a customized copy of an existing report and retain the original report, give the report a new name and location on the Save Report screen.
      And if you are going to overwrite an existing report definition, you will be warned so you can cancel or OK the save:
  3. In the Save Report window, type the Report name you want to give the report.
    If you are saving an existing report, typing a new name here does not change the existing report's name. It saves a copy of the report under the new name and leaves the existing report in place under the old name.
    Save report screen
  4. To change the location of the report, select Show report on dashboard in section and select the section from the list.
    You can specify this option now or at any time later. For more information, see Manage reports.
  5. Click OK to save the report.