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Links to other reports

DMI enables you to define three types of links in your report. Using configuration screens, you can define the hierarchy of a multi-layered report, determine the component that will be linked to another report, set filter dependencies between reports, and specify parent tabs.


When naming links:

  • We use the down arrow at the beginning of a link title to indicate a link to the same report (reloading the current report in the same browser window but filtered to have a different focus).
  • We use the up arrow  at the end of a link title to indicate a link from this report to a different report in a different browser window.

To maintain consistency, we recommend that you do the same when creating your own reports.

A parent link takes you up from the current level.

  • Parent links are displayed as report tabs and always lead to named (saved) reports.
  • They are always located at the top of the report, just below the report title.

Parent links are defined on the Report tabs and links tab.

A sibling links takes you sideways from the current level.

  • Sibling links are displayed as section tabs. They are placed on the right side over the table to which they directly refer and are intended to lead to reports on the same level in the hierarchy.
  • Sibling links can lead to different views of similar or the same data.

Sibling links are defined on the Section tabs tab.

A drilldown (child) links takes you down from the current level.

  • Drilldown links are embedded in the table cells. They lead to reports generated dynamically, which means that data displayed on target reports depends on the clicked value.
  • Drilldown links differ from parent and sibling links in that a drilldown link, when clicked, is able to apply values from the clicked report table row as the filtering criteria for the drilldown report.

For more information, see Defining filters on links and tabs.

Drilldown links are defined on the Drilldown links tab.