Table section type - details

This section type creates a simple table section in your report.


  • Set Display name to the name of the section.
  • Set Section type to Table.
  • Select at least one dimension.
  • Select at least one metric.


Here's part of a table showing availability metrics for software services.

  • The row dimension is the software service column.
  • The metrics are the three availability columns.


The table is long. We want a way to narrow it down.


Here's the same report after adding a simple filtering bar to control which software services are displayed in this table. In this example, we have selected three software services in My filtering bar (newly added on the left), so My table now shows only those three software services.

Formatting a table section

Use the Result display tab to set the following options related to metric tiles.

  • Tile size
    Choose a size: Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Show
    Whether to show it: Yes, No, or Conditional.
  • Dimension/Metric name
    Display name for this tile.
  • Color rendering
    Click to see options.
  • Coloring target
    Click to see options dependent on Color rendering.
  • Thresholds
    Click to see options dependent on Color rendering.
  • Tooltip
    Select from list.
  • Custom attributes
    Click to select.