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Row counter section type - details

This section type presents the count of a certain dimension.

You can

  • Render a single tile showing a count of all rows in the table
  • Alias metric names
  • Add links to other reports (Warning)

Row counters are especially useful for displaying a simple count in a large format suitable for  viewing on mobile devices. If you know you usually (should) have X somethings, and this counter says you have Y somethings, you check to see where the problem is, perhaps through a drilldown you add to the counter section.


The Traffic discovery - Overview has counters for VLANs, tunnels, sites, and links.

Current VLANs Current tunnelsCurrent sites
Current VLANs Current tunnels![Current sites
Current links
Current links

When you are familiar with your network configuration, you know at a glance whether something is wrong.

If you normally have 6 tunnels and you see that big 7 on your Current tunnels tile, you jump into action and find out where that new tunnel came from, because it you know it could indicate a security breach.

This report has a drilldown configured for each of those tiles, so you drill down from Current tunnels to open a report on tunnels.

To see the drilldown configuration, open the section menu

and select Edit section, and then switch to the Drilldown links tab. The Target field shows the name of the report that opens from this tile.

To add another drilldown to the list, click Add new link and type another report name in the next Target entry.


These tiles come in three sizes, as set on the Result display tab. Choose the size that fits your report design and intended viewing mode.