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Location status section type - details

This section type displays two charts showing the network performance of regions, areas, or sites. Use this section type to analyze the network performance of a location by combining bandwidth usage and affected users in one view.


This section type is deprecated starting with NAM 2018.


  1. Create a report section.
    In this example, we call it My Location Status.

  2. Set Section type to Location Status.
    A Location Status tab is now displayed

  3. On the Location Status tab, set Main dimension to determine the scope of the chart.

    • Local region
    • Local area
    • Local site

    There is no Data tab for a Location Status section because we don't need to select data other than setting the Main dimension here. This section always, by design, shows network performance of a location according to bandwidth usage and affected users.

  4. Click Display report to see the results.

  5. Click a row in the left chart to see bandwidth usage details for that row.

    • Downstream bandwidth usage
    • Upstream bandwidth usage
    • Network performance
  6. Click a row in the right chart to see affected user details for that row.

    • Affected users (performance)
    • Not-affected users (performance)
  7. Try other settings to customize your report.

    • Bar count
      In this example, it's changed to 5. You can display up to 25 rows.
    • Filter display
      Options dependent on Main dimension selection.