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Dimension tiles section type - details

This section type presents each dimension value and the corresponding metrics on a separate tile.

You can

  • Show different levels of detail within a tile: from a simple dimension value and colored background to a two-sided tile showing additional dimensions, metrics, and metric breakdowns
  • Choose between different tile sizes
  • Render each table row as a single tile
  • Limit number of tiles shown
  • Color tile border or background based on metric value
  • Show up to 4 metrics or choose high density view
  • Filter by selected tile

There are no section buttons available for dimension tiles section

Basic Configuration on the data tab

  1. Select at least one dimension as a row to display tiles on the report. Each tile represents one dimension value.

    To set the number of tiles displayed on the report, go to the Result display tab.

  2. Select at least one metric as a key by which to sort dimension values. For example, if you want to display five sites with the worst availability, select Availability. Then, in the Result sorting list, select it as your key metric.

  3. Click Display report.

    As a result, you see four tiles representing sites with the worst availability.

Example of simple tiles
Example of simple tiles

If you select more dimensions as a row, they are displayed below the main dimension value, separated by a slash “/”. The following example shows two additional dimensions added to tiles: Client area and Client region .

Tiles displaying three dimension values
Tiles displaying three dimension values

Dimension tile options on the result display tab

You can set the following tile options:

Tile size

The size of a single tile. The following list presents the recommended usage of particular tile sizes:

  • Extra small - displays only one dimension value and can be colored by one metric. The metric value is not displayed on a tile. These tiles do not have a reverse side.

    Use the Extra small size to see a performance overview of a large amount of data (for example, the slowest sites, software services, or operations)on one screen.

  • Small - displays a main dimension value, additional dimensions below the main dimension, and up to two metrics.

  • Medium - displays a main dimension value, additional dimensions below the main dimension, and up to two metrics with auxiliary metrics.

  • Large - displays up to five metrics. Default: Medium.


  • If you see scrollbars on tiles, change the Tile size to Large.
  • Do not show more than five main metrics on tiles.

Maximum number of tiles

The maximum number of tiles displayed within the Dimension Tiles section.

Default: 4.

Maximum number of rows per tile

The maximum number of rows displayed on the reverse of the tile. Each row represents one dimension value. For example, if you display the Software service dimension on the reverse, each row shows one software service name.

Default: 3.

Coloring target

The coloring target of a tile: a border or a background.

If you display breakdown metrics or status icons on tiles, always choose Border to guarantee a readable report.

Default: Border.

Defining color rendering for dimension tiles

To define tile coloring:

  1. Select the coloring target.
  2. Select the color rendering mode for your main dimension.
  3. Provide metric thresholds.

Displaying status icons for metrics

In addition to tile coloring, you can display status icons for metrics. You set the coloring in the same way as for tiles.

Note that if you define a group of metrics, the coloring should be set on the main metric. Otherwise, you will not see the status icons.

Status icon for the main metric
Status icon for the main metric

You can define one drilldown link per tile.