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Color counter section type - details

This section type presents a dimension broken down by the values of a metric of your choice.

You can

  • Render a single tile showing a count of all rows in the table
  • Show the distribution of metric based on defined color thresholds
  • Alias metric and dimension names
  • Add links to other reports (Warning)

Example Color Counter section

  1. On the NAM Server, open Reports ► Applications ► Health dashboard.
  2. The Applications and Software se4rvices sections are Color Counter sections.

Configuring a color counter section

  1. From the example above (Reports ► Applications ► Health dashboard), select ► Edit section for the Applications section to see how a Color Counter section is made.
  2. On the Data tab, the dimensions and metrics to be displayed in the color counter are selected.
  3. On the Result display tab:
    • Color rendering is set for Tile
    • Thresholds is set to define the boundaries between colors on the tile
  4. On the Drilldown links tab, Target is set to define what you see when you click the color counter (drilldowns to Show all applications health details and Show all affected applications health details).

Requirements of Color Counter section

A basic counter needs the following:

  • On the Data tab, a dimension set for Show as = Row
  • On the Result display tab, that dimension is set for Color rendering = Custom (metric name) – some metric to use for thresholds -- and Thresholds (colors and percentages) are defined