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Chart section type - details

This section type shows a chart on your report. ## Requirements

  • Display name
    The name of the section.
  • Section type = Chart
  • On the Data tab, select at least one dimension and one metric.
  • On the Chart settings tab, select a chart type.


On the Traffic discovery - Overview (Reports ► Explore ► Traffic discovery), the Network section displays a graph of bandwidth usage.

Open the section for editing to see how it was made.

On the Data tab (Dimensions):

On the Data tab (Metrics):

And then the same for a Benchmark row:

How to

To add a chart your report, you need to set the section type, select dimensions and metrics for the section, and then open the Chart settings tab to specify the exact chart type and how it will be displayed.

  1. Make sure you have set the section type to Chart:

    • If you are creating a totally new report section, you can use the

      Chart icon

      icon to initialize the empty section as a chart.

    • If you have already created a chart section (maybe a clone of another type of section), you can change Type to Chart at the report editing level.

    • If you are editing a section, you can select Chart from the Section type list.

    • No matter how you create it, making a new chart section will add a new Chart settings tab to the section-level editor:
      Chart settings tab

  2. On the Data tab, select the dimensions and metrics you want to chart.

  3. Examine the Chart settings tab.

    • If there is no Chart settings tab at all, go back to step 1 and set the section type to Chart.
    • If there is a Chart settings tab but it has nothing but the Display name and Section type settings, go back to step 2 and select some dimensions and metrics for the chart.
  4. Now you can use the Chart settings tab to select a chart type (see Choosing a chart type) and start configuring how it will look and behave (Result display tab and Chart settings tab).