Universal diagram tab

The Universal diagram tab is displayed when you set Section type to Universal diagram for the section you are editing.

Use the Universal diagram tab to enhance the report with interactive diagrams, images and bitmaps.

With Universal Diagram, you can overlay points representing status of an element of your infrastructure, for example tier or server IP address, on the raster graphic of your choice.

This way it enables you to construct reports showing business impact at the subsidiaries across the world or performance across the whole delivery chain of the application.

This help topic is a basic list of functionality related to the Universal Diagram tab. For more help and examples, see Universal Diagram section type - details.


The Synthetic overview report (CAS ► Reports ► Synthetic ► Overview) starts with a Universal Diagram section called "Synthetic monitoring landscape":

To see how it was made, open it up for editing in DMI.

  1. On the CAS, open Reports ► Synthetic ► Overview.
  2. The Synthetic monitoring landscape section is at the top of the report
  3. Select the menu icon in the top right corner of the section, open the section menu, and select Edit section.

Getting started

Basic steps that were used to create this example:

  1. Create a suitable background graphic.
    You can make your own graphic or use a standard graphic.
    In this example, we want to map four tiers, so we have made a graphic illustrating those four tiers.
  2. Create a new report section in DMI with Section type set to Universal Diagram.
  3. On the Data tab, select a dimension to map to the graphic (Show as = Point).
  4. On the Data tab, select a metric for that dimension.
  5. On the Result display tab, set thresholds for that dimension and availability.
  6. On the Drilldown links tab, set some drilldown links. We have decided to drill down to a different report from each of the four points we map out on the graphic.

    These are all set for Visible = Conditional, where the condition is the tier. For example: Enterprise Synthetic - Applications will be visible if <Tier> == 'Enterprise Synthetic'.
  7. Upload our background graphic (called synthetic_monitoring_active.jpg).
  8. On the Universal Diagram tab, select and map the points.

See Universal Diagram section type - details for more.