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Rich table tab

Applies to NAM 2018+

The Rich table tab is displayed when you set Section type to Rich table for the section you are editing.

Use this tab to create a lightweight table (simple columns of data) but with each row expandable. Within each row, you can nest report subsections (child sections) of the following types:

To define a child section, click Add new and then define one of the section types above. (The Section type is restricted to the applicable types.)

Your rich table section will display a simple table showing columns for the selected dimensions and metrics, but there will be an added expand control in the More column on the right. (You can actually click anywhere in a row to expand the row. The More column is just there to indicate that you can expand a row.)

The resulting section is easy to display and navigate (a simple table) but each row can be expanded to show useful graphic details for the selected row.

See Rich table section type - details for a configuration walkthrough and some examples of how we use rich tables.