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Annotation tab - section level

Use the DMI Annotation tab (section level) to specify text to display at the top of the selected section.

There are two types of annotation available to you:

  • You can add an annotation for the entire report. This is displayed at the top of the report, with a control for hiding or displaying the annotation.

    To add this type of annotation, select the Annotation tab at the report level.

  • You can add one or more annotation sections to your report.

    To add this type of annotation, create a section and set Section type to Annotation.

Both types of annotation support Markdown, which means that you can format them and add graphics and links.

  1. Edit the report.

    • Create a new report.
    • Open an existing report and select Edit report.

  2. Edit a report section.

    • Create a new section. See Sections and layout tab.
    • Edit an existing section. Select the section and select Define Section.
  3. Select the Annotation tab.

  4. In the Enter annotation text box, type the text you want to appear in this section of your report, immediately under the Display name section title.

    The Annotation tab supports basic markdown elements for text formatting.

For more help and examples, see Annotation section type - details.