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Annotation tab - report level

Use the DMI Annotation tab (report level) to specify text to display at the top of the report.

There are two types of annotation available to you:

  • You can add an annotation for the entire report. This is displayed at the top of the report, with a control for hiding or displaying the annotation.
    Report-level annotation is described in the current help topic.
  • You can add one or more annotation sections to your report.
    To add this type of annotation, create a section and set Section type to Annotation. For more information, see Annotation section type - details.

Both types of annotation support Markdown (see below for syntax), which means that you can format them and add graphics and links.


  1. Edit the report.
    • Create a new report.
    • Open an existing report and select Edit report.
  2. Select the Annotation tab.
  3. Set Title to a useful label for the control that hides and shows the annotation text.
  4. Set Annotation text to the text itself, which can be a few words or a few paragraphs.

You can use Markdown to format the text and add links and graphics. Syntax is described below.




Markdown syntax

Notation Usage
**strong** Renders strong text
_emphasized_ Renders emphasized text
absolute link [Dynatrace Community](https://community.dynatrace.com) Renders a Dynatrace Community link
relative link [NAM Server About](/about) Renders the NAM Server About link pointing to the About screen of the NAM Server instance displaying the report.
reference style link [Dynatrace Corporate Website][1] with
    [1]: [Dynatrace Corporate Website](https://www.dynatrace.com/)  
used once anywhere in the annotation. You can then reference it many times in the same annotation
Renders Dynatrace Corporate Website
* unordered list element A  
* unordered list element B  
  • unordered list element A
  • unordered list element B
1. ordered list element 1
1. ordered list element 2
  1. ordered list element 1
  2. ordered list element 2
# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
###### Heading 6
Renders headings. Levels are controlled by the number of # characters.
`preformatted` with a single ` before and after the text Renders preformatted text.
![logo](https://assets.dynatrace.com/content/dam/dynatrace/misc/dynatrace_web.png) Displays the image at the path provided in parenthesis () logo with the text from square brackets [ ] as the value of the alt attribute. <img src="https://assets.dynatrace.com/content/dam/dynatrace/misc/dynatrace_web.png" alt="logo"/> The path to the image can be a full http path or a path relative to the CAS wwroot directory.