NAM Server ► Tools ► DMI


The Data Mining Interface (DMI) is a tool for building NAM reports.

Report features include:

  • Variable time ranges
  • Variable resolutions
  • Dynamic sorting and filtering
  • Trending and baseline data
  • Tables and charts on the same report pages
  • Hierarchical structure, where reports can have drilldowns, siblings, and parents
  • Report definitions saved in a database, so reports can be regenerated each time they are opened
  • Access restrictions based on user and user group
  • Product-specific data views


On your report server (NAM Server or ADS), see Tools ► DMI.

  • NAM Server ► Tools ► DMI ► New report
    Opens the DMI editor for an empty section, where you can create the first (perhaps only) section of your new report.
    If you're new to DMI, start with Creating a report, which walks you through examples.
  • NAM Server ► Tools ► DMI ► Manage reports
    Opens the Manage reports screen, where you can control your NAM Server reports and who has access to them.
  • NAM Server ► Tools ► DMI ► Export/Import
    Opens the Export Import Reports screen, where you can export report definitions from one NAM Server and import those report definitions to another NAM Server.