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Capturing packets on NAM Probe

Using a link from the Discovery Diagnostics screen, you can capture traffic from a NAM Probe and save it in pcap format for examination with tools such as DNA and Wireshark.

These traces are typically used to diagnose, for example, a NAM Probe SPAN port configuration problem.

See Recorded traffic to understand the difference between various capture methods in NAM.

On the NAM Server, open Tools ► Diagnostics ► Traffic diagnostics.

In the NAM Probe IP address column, click the IP address of the NAM Probe from which you want to capture traffic.

In the pop-up window, click the Capture traffic trace link.

In the Capture traffic trace window

Optionally, enter an IP address in the IP Filter box to narrow the capture.

Click Start Recording to start the capture.
The capture runs for 30 seconds or until 20 MB are captured.
When the capture is finished, click Download to download the captured file or click Cancel to cancel the capture.

If you download the capture, you can open and analyze it with an application such as Wireshark.


Present the file to your IT department to help you explain your NAM Probe configuration problem (sequence gaps, etc.).