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Alert log viewer

The Alert log viewer is a tool to list and filter active alerts as defined by users.

The alert log is not created per user. Alerts are stored in files that are shared by all users.

Report contents and usage

By default, the report lists the current day's alerts sorted by time.

  • To select a different date, select a different Log file value.

    Each log file is specific to a different date.

  • To filter alert records, use the Find and Reset buttons, and the selection fields provided in the column headings.

  • To change the sort order, click a column heading to sort by that column.

  • To change the display mode, select the required format from the Display list in the table header.

    • By default (Truncated mode), each field is truncated. Hover the mouse pointer over a cell to display the full contents of the cell.
    • Select the Single line mode to display everything on a single line, regardless of its length.
    • Select the Multiline mode to display cell contents with a line wrap enabled.

Click Export table data to export table data as comma-separated values (CSV) in a new browser window. You can then copy and paste from the new window to a different Windows software application.

Click Alert details to display details on any alert.