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NAM Server > Settings > Security

Most security tasks require administrator rights, but some basic settings can also be configured by regular users.

  • Security management
    Opens the Users screen on the NAM Console, where you can add, edit, deactivate/activate, and delete users; import LDAP users; and export user profiles to a file.
  • User profile
    Opens the NAM Server User settings screen, where you can change the current user's password, default language, or the chart display mode.
  • Users
    Opens the NAM Server Users screen, where you can review and manage the list of users on this NAM Server.
  • User groups
    Opens the NAM Server User groups screen, where you can review and manage the list of user groups on this NAM Server.
  • Data access permission
    Opens the NAM Server Data access permission - Global configuration  screen, where you can enable or disable data access control.