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Reporting and alerting

NAM Server ► Settings ► Reporting and alerting

Operation sequences

NAM Server ► Reporting and alerting ► Operation sequences

  • equivalent to NAM Console ► Monitoring ► Operation sequences

This opens the Operation sequence list, where you can manage the operation sequences that are defined on an individual NAM Probe or manage each transaction that is monitored by a group of NAM Probes.


NAM Server ► Reporting and alerting ► Alerts

  • equivalent to NAM Console ► Monitoring ► Alerts

This opens the Alert management screen, which is your primary control panel for alert definitions.

Mailer setup

NAM Server ► Settings ► Reporting and alerting ► Mailer setup

Before you begin, you need to have access to an SMTP server. The server must be configured so that it does not modify line terminators. This is the only required configuration setting that is specific to the server being used for report mailing. The way to configure this option will depend on the particular SMTP server. For example, for the Postfix server, the relevant configuration option is stored in the main.cf configuration file and is:

sendmail_fix_line_endings = never

To enable the report server to send e-mail messages, a system administrator must first configure the server to use an existing SMTP server.


If the alert subsystem is not configured, the report server polls the DNS server for the SMTP server IP address of the network domain in which the report server is installed. If the DNS server does not return any IP addresses, no reports are sent by e-mail and an error message is displayed in the report-mailing configuration window.

Configuring e-mail

  1. On the NAM Server, open Settings ► Reporting and alerting ► Mailer setup.
  2. Change the mail server settings as needed.
      This enables and disables the scheduled report mailing feature. The default value is true.
      Setting this property to false does not affect the command Send Mail Now, which is available through the Send Report by E-mail option. Send Mail Now is active regardless of the value of the MAIL_ACTIVE property.
      The authenticating login.
      The SMTP server's IP address or DNS name.
      The sender password.
      The port number of the SMTP server defined in MAIL_HOST.
      The email address from which the alert notifications are sent.
      If the mail host is not specified, the report server sends a DNS request to the default DNS server to learn the default SMTP server's IP address. If the DNS server returns a valid address of an SMTP server and this server does not require authentication, the email feature works without the need to enter an explicit SMTP server address in the configuration.
  3. Click Save to record your changes.

See Manage reports for information on mailing reports manually or scheduling them for automatic mailing.