Report data servers

In the NAM Console, open Deployment ► Manage devices, select Open configuration for a NAM Server, and then select Report data servers

Use this screen to specify report servers to be used as data sources on the DMI screen.

The screen presents a list of the currently defined DMI data sources.

To add a new data source

  1. Click Add.
  2. Enter the server IP address or DNS name, the TCP port, and a label.
    The label is the name under which the server will appear as a data source in DMI and on reports.
  3. Specify the user name and user login password necessary for accessing the NAM Server server.

After you define and save a working connection to the reporting server, the new data source is available in the DMI screen accessed on the through Tools ► DMI ► New report.

To modify or delete an existing entry

  1. Select the row for that entry.
  2. Click Modify or Delete.
    Note: You cannot modify or delete report servers that work in a farm.