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Clear active BG data

You can delete all of the historical data for a particular Enterprise Synthetic transaction or application. The existing applications or transactions are not deleted; only the metric data for these entities is removed from the NAM Server database.

The most common reason for removing historical data is to change the monitoring scripts or to clear inaccurate data from the reports.

Administrative rights are required to perform this task.

  1. Open the Admin console.
    There are two ways to open the Admin console. Use the way you prefer:
    • On the NAM Server main menu, select Tools ► Admin console
    • In your browser address line, enter:
      where server_IP_address is the NAM Server IP address.
  2. In the Diagnostics column, click Commands console.
  3. In the Command column, click CLEAR ACTIVE BG DATA.
    The CLEAR ACTIVE BG DATA window is displayed. It lists applications for which you can clear data.
  4. Clear data as needed.
    • To clear all data for an application, find the application in the list and click Clear in that row.
    • To clear the data only for selected transactions of an application, click the application name to open a list of transactions for that application, and then click Clear for each transaction whose data you need to clear.
    • To cancel, click Cancel.

After the data is cleared, the report server continues to collect data from agents and does not display statistics visible prior to data deletion.