Time to upgrade! NAM is scheduled for end of support. It's time to move to Dynatrace our all-in-one software intelligence platform.

Traffic details - software services view

Access options

Drill down to this report from the Top N - Network - General report:

  1. On the NAM Server, open Reports ► Network ► Overview.
  2. Drill down from the Drilldown links based on filtering table in one of the views:
    • In the Bandwidth view, drill down from a value in the Total bytes column.
    • In the Errors view, drill down from a value in the TCP errors column.
    • In the RTT view, drill down from a value in the End-to-end RTT column.
    • In the Zero window size events view, drill down from a value in the Zero window size events (client) column.

Report contents

The Traffic Details - Software Services View report is always filtered for a specific server IP address, site, and software service. It shows precise information about the selected part of your network: the overall health, the number of errors, the bandwidth usage, and the number of zero window size events.

Click the server IP address in the Software Service by Server table to access the Conversation Details report.