Conversation details - software service view

This report shows a map of conversations filtered for a selected server and software service.

Access options

Drill down to the Conversation details report from the Traffic details - Software services view report. For example:

  1. On the NAM Server, open Reports ► Network ► Overview.
  2. Drill down from the Drilldown links based on filtering table in one of the views:
    • In the Bandwidth view, drill down from a value in the Total bytes column.
    • In the Errors view, drill down from a value in the TCP errors column.
    • In the RTT view, drill down from a value in the End-to-end RTT column.
    • In the Zero window size events view, drill down from a value in the Zero window size events (client) column.
  3. In the Software service by server table (combined view), drill down from the Server IP address column.
  4. Click a value in the Software service column to drill down to the Conversation details - Software service view report

Report contents and usage

  • The Software Service Usage graph shows usage statistics for the selected software service.
  • The Machine Investigated table shows detailed statistics for the selected software service and server.
  • The Clients table lists all clients connected to the selected server.
  • The Server Connections table lists all servers for which the selected server is chosen as a client.

The full set of all the available statistics is provided on the Software service, operation, and site data data view.

Changing the default report layout

To customize this report, click Edit report in the Actions list.