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Network locations overview


The Network locations overview report helps you investigate bandwidth usage per region, area, or site.

All three tabs have similar sections:

Bandwidth usage

By default, this section shows a graph with two parts:

  • On the left, the most active regions/areas/sites in terms of bandwidth usage.
    NAM: Network location
    Click a region/area/site to see details or to select that region/area/site and select Filter by selected data to refocus the rest of the report on it.
  • On the right, the number of users in each region, area, or site, with a breakdown into affected and not-affected users.
    NAM: Network location

Click the list in the upper right corner of this section to switch from a chart view to a table view.

Bandwidth usage over time

This graph shows how bandwidth usage for the selected regions/areas/sites changed over time, with a breakdown by downstream bandwidth usage and upstream bandwidth usage.
Bandwidth usage over time

Click the chart to see a pop-up of details and to access any available drilldown links.

Network performance

This table lists software services or servers (this is selectable) in the context of the selected region, area, or site.

  • Change the selection on the list in the upper right of the table to switch the perspective of this table to show software services or servers.
  • Click data in the table to see details or access any available drilldown links.