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Report queue

Applies to NAM 2019+

The NAM Server tries to handle each incoming request to generate a report sequentially: first in, first out. If the server is busy, however, requests for reports are queued according to a system based on how resource-intensive the reports are and how resource-intensive the requesting users are (in terms of the reports they generate).

  • A report accumulates penalty points based on how long it takes the NAM Server to generate the report.
  • A user accumulates penalty points each time they run a resource-intensive report.

In general, resource-intensive users and reports go to the back of the queue, and users who build fast reports are handled first.

Skipping the queue

Users assigned the Reporting user - high load user role, regardless of how resource-intensive their report activity is, are not sent to the back of the report queue. If your position requires this privilege, see your NAM administrator.

Queue management statistics and settings

To view queue-related statistics on reports and users, use the Report explorer.

To review and change the properties that control how the report queue is managed, open Admin console on the NAM Server navigation menu and select the Report queues tile to display the Report queues configuration settings that control how the report queue is managed. The settings are described on that screen.


These property settings are for experts and are accessible only by NAM administrators.

  • Other users should consult their NAM administrators for related assistance.
  • Improper configuration may result in poor NAM Server performance. When in doubt, remain with the default settings.
  • If these settings are unavailable to you, you do not have sufficient privileges.

Settings include: