Operation details explorer

Applies to NAM 2018

Use the Operation details explorer to pinpoint where and why an operation was slow or was unavailable.

Suppose we already know the WEBAPP application is slow and we want to know why.

  1. Open the NAM Server.
  2. In the NAM Server search box, ask why is webapp slow?
  3. The Operation explorer opens to the Slow operation cause breakdown tab filtered for application WEBAPP.
  4. In the Reasons for slow operations section, click WEBAPP and select Show operations for selected software service to refocus the report on WEBAPP operations.
    • If you don't see this entry listed (in our example, no WEBAPP), change the perspective from combined to an appropriate split (in our example, split by software service).
  5. In the Slow operations column, click the Slow operations value and select Further analyze named slow operation loads to open the Operation details explorer.

Using NAM search, you can also list all operation loads for a given software service, operation, location, or user. For example, look for the software service name directly and then navigate from the search results:

  1. Open the NAM Server.
  2. In the NAM Server search box, search for the software service name. Using our WEBAPP example, enter:
    webapp software service
  3. Find your software service in the search results, click it, and, if operation details are configured and gathered for this software service, you will be able to select Analyze operation details from the pop-up menu.

Instead of starting from a search, we can instead navigate down to the Operation details explorer.

  1. Open the NAM Server dashboard (open Dashboard on the NAM Server menu or click the dashboard icon).
  2. On the dashboard, click the Health dashboard.
  3. In the Application health trend over time section, click Show health details to explore health by application.
  4. Find and click WEBAPP to see details for that application. This row of the table expands to show health details for the selected application.
    We see that the Website link is red, indicating a related health issue.
    NAM: Operation details explorer: opening from Health dashboard
  5. Click the Website link and select Analyze slow operations in Operation explorer to open the Operation explorer for our WEBAPP example.
  6. From the Reasons for slow operations table, we can click the Slow operations total to drill down to Operation details explorer for our example.

Using the Operation details explorer

  1. Once you land in the Operation details explorer, we now see a table of Operation loads for a selected operation, software service, location, or user. Example Operation loads section:

    NAM: Operation details explorer: Operation loads

  2. Select an interesting operation load to expand that row and show details.

  3. Under the Operation loads table, (if hit-level data is available) we now see a Load sequence chart for the selected operation. For each hit in the operation, there is a bar showing the load timing in sequence. Example Load sequence section:
    NAM: Operation details explorer: Load sequence

  4. To explore one of the hits, click it to select Show details for this hit. Any available details are displayed under the Load sequence chart. Example Hit details section:

    NAM: Operation details explorer: Hit details

    Further details (where header data is available) are also displayed.

These controls are interlinked:

  • When you select a different hit in the Operation loads table, different details are displayed for that hit.
  • When you select different details under the Operation loads table, the corresponding hit is selected in the Operation loads table.