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Operation explorer

The Operation explorer is a tool for identifying slow operations that may require your attention. Use it for analyses inside the data center.

This explorer has the following tabs.


The Overview tab offers you a quick overview of operations so you can see at a glance whether any operations are particularly troublesome. Start with the Overview and move on to the other tabs if you see anything that requires your attention.


  • Health vs response time
  • Availability vs failures
  • Page load time vs slow operations
  • Usage vs operations

Click in any of these charts to see details and zoom the report on the selected time slice. For example:

Zoom example
Zoom example

You can look at the Performance details table from a number of perspectives.

Performance details perspective list
Performance details perspective list

Health over time

This tab has two parts:

  • A series of tiles display health at a glance. Click any tile for details and drilldowns.

  • You can look at the Health over time table from a number of perspectives.

    Health over time

Top 20 most affected

This tab shows the 20 most affected operations, sites, or users, depending on your selection in the list: Top 20 most affected

Slow operation cause breakdown

This tab displays a table and charts showing reasons for slow operations.

  • Multiple reasons
  • Application design - Redirect time
  • Application design - # of components
  • Application design - Response size
  • Application design - Request size
  • Network - Other
  • Network - Latency
  • Network - Loss rate
  • Client/3rd party
  • Data center

Response time distribution

This tab charts operation response time over time and lists response time statistics.

  • Click the charts to see details or filter the data to the selected time.