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Citrix explorer

Access options

  • In the NAM Server search box, type "run citrix explorer" and press enter
  • Drill down to this explorer in context from other reports. For example, open the Citrix dashboard, click a Citrix software service, and select Analyze further in Citrix explorer.

ICA and NetScaler tabs

The ICA and NetScaler tabs show similar information about your Citrix environment but from either an ICA or a NetScaler perspective.

For example, the ICA tab shows Citrix ICA charts for:

  • Performance vs Bandwidth usage
    NAM: Citrix explorer: Performance vs Bandwidth usage
  • Realized bandwidth and zero window size events
    NAM: Citrix explorer: Server realized bandwidth and zero window size events
  • Availability
    NAM: Citrix explorer: Availability

Chart options:

  • Click any chart to see a breakdown of the data for the selected time.
  • Click any chart and select Zoom to this time to refocus the focus the report on the selected time.

The ICA Performance details table shows performance details for the selected perspective.

  • Change the perspective from the default (per server) to any other perspective on the list.
  • Click any active data in the table to see selection and drilldown options.
    NAM: Citrix explorer: Performance details