Explore reports

Applies to NAM 2019

NAM Server ► Reports ► Explore

The explorers on the Explore menu offer insight into infrastructure and application performance through tiers, sites, and software services.


Explorers are designed to be the end point of your analysis. A typical workflow is to:

  1. Find an issue in another report.
  2. Drill down to the appropriate explorer in the context of your issue.
  3. Analyze your data from different perspectives from within the explorer.

See NAM workflow to walk through some typical analysis procedures with NAM.

Menu options depend on the release you are using.

NAM Server 2018

Applies to NAM 2018

CAS 2017

Applies to DC RUM 2017

Sometimes the fastest way to find something is to forget the menus and use the search box.

NAM Server search
NAM Server search

You could look for an IP address or a user name or a protocol name and get everything you need in one place.
NAM Server search results example