SAP dashboard

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The SAP dashboard offers quick insight into SAP traffic.

If you see a "No SAP traffic was detected in the monitored stream within selected time range." message when you expected SAP traffic, try to extend the time range of the report, review your SPAN/NPB configuration, or consider changing the NAM Probe connection point.

In this context, SAP means the Analyzer group dimension = SAP.

All tabs on this report start with Performance overview and Middleware applications sections to show SAP status at a glance:

Click a tile in the Applications section to see details for that application or to drill down on that application.

  • If you drill down on one application, the Tier performance for application section is displayed with tiles and further drilldowns for Client network, Network, and SAP tiers

Zooming in and out

  • To zoom in on a chart interval, click that interval on the chart and select Zoom to this time.This will focus the report on the selected interval.

  • To zoom in on a different interval, click the second interval and select Zoom to this time again.

  • To zoom back out, click the last breadcrumb at the top of the report.

    This reloads the report without the zoom.

Use the tabs to change the perspective of the report:


The Status tab is an overview of SAP performance levels.

  • Health vs operation time charts availability percentage over time.

  • Operation time charts SAP operation time over time.

  • Usage vs operations charts the usage level over time.

Click a Details button to open Data explorer focused on SAP with metric charts set to show health, operation time, or usage.
Click a chart and select Details from the pop-up to open Data explorerfor the selected interval.


The Pages tab is a quick overview of SAP performance at the transaction level.

  • Top modules usage vs operations
  • Top t-codes usage vs operations
  • Top modules health
  • Top t-codes health
  • Slowest modules operation time
  • Slowest t-codes operation time

Click the Details button for any chart, or click a module or operation in a chart, to open Operation explorer with the appropriate focus.

Business impact

The Business impact tab is a quick overview of SAP performance in terms of how it affects business.

  • Users health vs operation time
  • SAP GUI version by users (with drilldowns per SAP GUI version)
  • Top 5 performance affected users

Click the Details button for any chart, or click in a chart, to open User explorer with the appropriate focus.