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Oracle Forms dashboard

Applies to DC RUM 2017

Reports ► Applications ► Oracle forms

The Oracle forms dashboard offers quick insight into Oracle forms traffic. Use the Status, Forms, and Business impact tabs to change the perspective of the report.

If you see a "No Oracle Forms traffic was detected in the monitored stream within selected time range." message when you expected Oracle forms traffic, try to extend the time range of the report, review your SPAN/NPB configuration, or consider changing the NAM Probe connection point.

Zooming in and out

  • To zoom in on a chart interval, click that interval on the chart and select Zoom to this time. This will focus the report on the selected interval.

  • To zoom in on a different interval, click the second interval and select Zoom to this time again.

  • To zoom back out, click the last breadcrumb at the top of the report. This reloads the report without the zoom.


The Status tab is an overview of Oracle forms performance levels.

  • Performance
  • Oracle Forms applications
  • Health vs operation time
  • Forms operation time
  • Usage vs operations


The Forms tab is a quick overview of Oracle forms performance at the form level.

Business impact

The Business impact tab is a quick overview of Oracle forms performance in terms of how it affects business.