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Middleware dashboard

The Middleware dashboard offers quick insight into the performance of middleware.

If you see a "No middleware traffic was detected in the monitored stream within selected time range." message when you expected middleware traffic, try to extend the time range of the report, review your SPAN/NPB configuration, or consider changing the NAM Probe connection point.

In this context:

  • Middleware means the Analyzer group dimension = Middleware, Jolt (Tuxedo), SOAP, XML, Corba, IBM MQ, or RMI
  • SOAP analyzers include SOAP over HTTP or SOAP over HTTPS
  • XML analyzers include XML, XML over HTTP, XML over HTTPS, and XML over MQ
  • RMI analyzers include Weblogic T3 RMI, Sun RMI, and JBoss RMI
  • MQ analyzers includes IBM MQ

All tabs on this report start with Performance overview and Middleware applications sections to show middleware status at a glance:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Affected users
  • Slow functions

Click a tile in the Middleware applications section to see details for that application or to focus the report on that application.

Zooming in and out

  • To zoom in on a chart interval, click that interval on the chart and select Zoom to this time.This will focus the report on the selected interval.

  • To zoom in on a different interval, click the second interval and select Zoom to this time again.

  • To zoom back out, click the last breadcrumb at the top of the report.

This reloads the report without the zoom.

Use the tabs to change the perspective of the report:


The Status tab is an overview of middleware performance levels.


The Functions tab is a quick overview of middleware performance at the function level.

Business impact

The Business impact tab is a quick overview of middleware performance in terms of how it affects business. You can drill down to the User explorer.

  • Top 5 destinations by volume
  • Top 5 users by volume
  • Top middleware protocols by operations