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Citrix dashboard

The Citrix dashboard offers status and metrics reports to help you examine Citrix performance.

Use the Citrix dashboard tabs to review Citrix performance from different perspectives:


The Status tab is your starting points for overall Citrix status: availability, application performance, and usage.

  • Review the charts and tiles to get a broad overview of your Citrix deployment.
  • Click charts and tiles to see details or drill down to relevant reports and explorers such as the Citrix explorer.
  • Click an application-specific tile to see statistics for that application or to focus the report on just that application.


The AppFlow tab focuses on performance metrics for channels and users.

If this tab is empty, no Appflow traffic was detected in the monitored stream within last monitoring interval. If you intended to monitor AppFlow traffic, review your NetScaler configuration.


The ICA tab focuses on ICA performance metrics and bandwidth consumption by channels and applications.

  • Click charts and tiles to see details and drill down to relevant metric charts and explorers.


The Servers tab offers a server-centric overview of Citrix performance.

  • Click a server-specific tile to see details for that server or to focus the chart on just that server.
  • Click Details for metric charts.


Applies to NAM 2018+

The Sites tab offers you an overview of Citrix availability, performance, and usage by site, area, and region.

The tiles under the charts show individual locations in order from most to least affected. Click a location tile to:

  • Display location-specific details.
  • Select the location, which redraws the charts to show just that location and sets the Details buttons to open metric charts for the selected location.
  • Drill down to Citrix explorer
  • Drill down to Network explorer
  • Drill down to User explorer

Change the perspective settings from Site to Region or Area to get a broader view.