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Application responses report

This report presents a complex view of the detected failure, categorized by type and top error counts grouped by user, operation, or site.

Access options

Example drilldown:

  1. From the NAM Server top menu, choose Reports ► Applications ► SAP
  2. Drill down from the Availability tile

Report contents and usage

Use this report to verify the number of particular failure categories, such as TCP failures or transport failures.

  • The graph helps you visually compare the occurrences of particular failure types.
  • The Top users, Top operations, and Top sites lists enable you to identify users, operations, and sites that experience the most errors.

Depending on how the report is called, possible error sections include:

  • TCP errors over time
  • Incomplete responses
  • SSL errors over time
  • HTTP errors over time
  • MS exchange errors over time
  • SMTP errors over time
  • MQ errors over time
  • LDAP errors over time
  • SAP GUI errors over time
  • Database errors over time
  • DNS errors over time

Depending on how the report is called, possible attributes sections include:

  • Operation attributes over time
  • MQ operation attributes over time
  • Oracle Forms operation attributes over time
  • SAP GUI operation attributes over time
  • SAP RFC operation attributes over time
  • LDAP operation attributes over time

Drilldown reports

To perform deeper analysis, click a user, operation, or client site in one of the Top x lists and select Application responses - Details from the menu.

The Details report shows the number of failures detected for a specific user, operation, or site.

  • Use this report to verify which users experienced the largest number of failures and where the failures occurred, and to inspect the failure type.
  • Click a user name to capture packets for that user.