Applications dashboard

Applies to DC RUM 2017

On the CAS, select Reports ► Applications ► Overview

The Applications dashboard report displays an overview of your application technologies at a glance.

You can open the explorer directly or drill down to it from other reports.


  • Open the NAM Server dashboard

    and click the Applications dashboard tile:
  • On the NAM Server, select Reports ► Applications ► Overview.

Use the tabs to change the focus of the report.


The Overview tab shows four charts:

  • Health vs operation time
  • Availability vs failures
  • Operation time vs slow operations
  • Usage vs operations

followed by the All applications section, which displays one tile per application.

Using the charts as report controls

The charts and tiles are active controls.

  • Click a bar in one of the charts to show details. Click the X to hide the details.
  • To zoom in on a chart interval, click that interval on the chart and select Zoom to this time. This will focus the report on the selected interval.
    • To zoom in on a different interval, click the second interval and select Zoom to this time again.
    • To zoom back out, click the last breadcrumb at the top of the report. This reloads the report without the zoom.

Using the application tiles as report controls

The All applications section show one tile for each application.

  • To see health details for one application, click an application tile. A pop-up shows details for that application.
  • To drill down for application health details, click the tile for that application. A pop-up shows details.
    Click Data explorer to open the Data explorer report.
  • To focus the entire report on one application, click the tile for that application. A pop-up shows details.
    Click Filter by selected data in the pop-up. When you do this:
    • All the other tiles in the All applications section are grayed out (because you want to know only about the selected application)
    • A filter is added to the top of the report.
    • A new section is displayed on the report: Tiers for selected application.
      The contents of the new section depends on the tiers associated with the selected application. Each tier tile is also active.
      • You can drill down for details focused on the selected tier.
      • You can click Filter by selected data to filter by the selected tier.

Locations, users, operations, technologies

These four tabs share a common set of tiles to show, at a glance, application performance by:

  • Locations
  • Users
  • Software services
  • Technologies

Click a chart to see details and to drill down to other reports.

Each tab also has a section of application-specific tiles.

  • Locations:
    Application performance status for most affected locations
  • Users:
    Application performance status for most affected users
  • Operations:
    Application performance status for most affected software services
  • Technologies:
    Application delivery technologies
    Data center technologies

Technologies (last 24)

The Technologies (Last 24) tab shows a different set of tiles:

  • Client-side monitoring (Tier type = Client tier)
  • Application delivery (Analyzer group = Citrix AppFlow | Citrix ICA | Citrix ICA over SSL)
  • Data center technologies (Tier type = Network tier)

with application performance charts.