Keynote Web Monitoring component Release Notes June 2017

The June 2017 maintenance release of Keynote Web Monitoring includes enhancements to the newer features in MyKeynote, a new API call for capturing header information, and a brand new, mobile-friendly documentation delivery system.

MyKeynote includes enhancements to Error analysis filtering, test selection when configuring custom dashboard tiles, and the raw scatter plot available from drilling down through a custom dashboard.

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Error analysis

Error analysis contains additional, higher-level categories for grouping and filtering errors.

You can now view errors grouped by category before drilling into the specific error types triggered. Agent locations are grouped by continent, country, city, and site, while tests are grouped by service type (TxP, MWP, or ApP).

Raw scatter plot enhancements

When you drill down from a Custom dashboard tile through to the Trend details page and from there to a raw scatter plot, additional controls and information are available:

  1. Choose to view chart and/or table data by using the drop-down list at top right.
  2. View additional information when you hover over a data point: Number of elements and total bytes downloaded

Tile configurator

When setting up a custom dashboard tile, test selection is aided by filters available for test type: TxP, MWP, and ApP.

Resolved issues

These issues have been resolved in the Keynote Web Monitoring patch release of April 2017.

CSCAS 3930 - Time in Operational summary

Times in the quick trend chart available by clicking the expand icon in the Operational summary were displayed in GMT instead of the account time zone. This issue has now been fixed.

CSCAS 3749 - Time units in Custom dashboards

The time scale was erroneously displayed in milliseconds for a metric in custom dashboard tiles; times are now displayed in seconds.

CSCAS 4223 - Availability missing in preview of combination graph

When viewing a combination graph (Reports > Combination graphs), availability information was not displayed in the table below the performance and availability charts. Availability and performance numbers are now correctly displayed in the table for combination graphs.

NextGen API


A new calculation has been added to the NextGen REST API—In addition to the average, standard deviation, median, and percentile values for metrics, you can also request the summation value in the trend or table API calls; use the syntax sum(<metric>).

See NextGen API Metrics Definitions for a description of these new calculations and how to run an info call to query which metrics support them.

Resolved issues

CSCAS 3749 - Time range of data returned

If the requested time range is within the previous 42 days, data for the exact time range (in epoch time) is returned. If the start of the time range (tstart) is older than 42 days, the returned time range is rounded to GMT.

Documentation improvements

In order to improve end-user experience and unify Dyntrace product help, Keynote Web Monitoring documentation is now available on a new platform at

The new, mobile-friendly documentation platform makes it easier for you to find answers to your questions and on your preferred device: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out more improvements, which will include more use-case based content, better navigation and layout, responsive design, and super-fast page loads.

If you’ve bookmarked any documentation page, you’ll have to update the bookmark.

Keynote Service Center

Resolved issues

The link to MyKeynote from KSC (from the user menu at top right) took users to an older version of the portal; users are now being directed to the correct UI with updated navigation and features.