Keynote Web Monitoring component release notes March 2016

The March 2016 release of Keynote Web Monitoring includes new performance insights in integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring and a new way of directly recording scripts in your browser for provisioning in the Keynote Service Center (KSC).

This release is comprised of the following component releases, described in the sections that follow with feature information, any known issues and limitations, and bug fixes.

Keynote Service Center (KSC)


Web recorder

To enable creating and provisioning measurements directly in KSC, a web-based script recorder is available for Chrome users on both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Resolved issues


Security improvements made.


Ability to delete CApP and CTxP agents without reactivating expired slots


Fixed View Measurement detail page for End User to show value for Dynatrace PurePath.



Integration with Dynatrace Application Monitoring

This integration enables you to use Application Monitoring's Dynatrace Web to access the performance details of Keynote synthetic measurements that you configure and schedule in KSC. From the synthetic tests displayed in Dynatrace Web, you can drill down to the Performance Trend Graph and other charts in MyKeynote. Check integration documentation for details.


View HTML Source now shows Window and Frame Index.


Added multiple saved tab support for the DPI dashboard.


Added color legend to the map widget in DPI dashboard.


Updated the individual component drill-down to show the ten fastest performing global indices.


DPI map widget mouseover shows all selected measurements.

Resolved issues


Fixed an issue in MyKeynote where Analyze page shows another unselected measurement's page.


Added a Select None button so user can deselect all visible, selected measurements.


Added a Select All button to the Analyze page so that user can quickly select all the measurements at one time.


Added the expand/collapse button to the header section for Label Mode view.


Fixed issues related to single quote marks in the XML data being passed to JS.


Fixed Unknown Slot setting while editing the reports in Label Mode view.


Fixed 'Download to resource' link, which was showing Technical Difficulties page.


Fixed first reference screenshot not available in data.


Fixed an issue to ensure Extra Info shows all expected data for Mobile Web Monitoring (MWP) measurements.


Change protocol to use SSL always.


DPI - Fixed and improved axis labels in some graphs.


DPI Location drop-down list is not appearing after generating a graph for a specific location.



TLS support

The ApP (Emulated Browser Web Monitoring) scripting interface in KITE now has an option for selecting the secure protocol for communicting with a website over SSL.

Supported values are:

  • SSL 2.0
  • SSL 3.0
  • TLS 1.0
  • TLS 1.1
  • TLS 1.2
  • TLS (All versions)

TLS (All versions) means that ApP will use any TLS version supported by the web server (but if the TLS version changes during the initial handshake, it will not renegotiate it as ApP does not support renegotiation). This is the default value, and will be used for the older scripts that do not have this option set.