Keynote Web Monitoring 2016 March release notes

March 2016

The latest release of Keynote Web Monitoring platform is available on March 9 2016! This release provides new digital performance insight capabilities to help digital business owners maximize their online investments and introduces a new way to record and provision tests from the Portal to simplify and streamline the test management workflow in addition to a number of improvements across the platform.


  1. User Experience Management and Synthetic Insights in one Digital Experience Cockpit
  2. New Web-based Recorder now in beta
  3. MyKeynote and Keynote Service Center maintenance

User experience management and synthetic insights all-in-one through the digital experience cockpit

Bring your business intelligence data from User Experience Management together with Operational Intelligence data from Synthetic Monitoring. As an IT professional, how do you find out what the impact is on business outcomes by using Synthetic Monitoring alone? By combining the data in a single interface,

  • Web Operations teams can quickly identify availability issues that may not be reported by User Experience Management data.
  • IT professionals can quickly assess the business impact of issues reported by Synthetic Monitoring.
  • Incident management teams can visualize synthetic monitoring KPIs alongside user experience KPIs to report back to the business on the impact of an ongoing incident.

Create Synthetic Transaction Tests from the Browser * BETA

  • A modern web-based recorder  is now available in Beta from the Keynote Service Center (KSC).
  • Cross-platform support  for both Windows and Mac users provides capabilities to record, edit, and validate transactions within the browser.
  • Seamless integration  into the KSC test provisioning workflow improves productivity for new and existing users.
  • Learn more about the Web Recorder Beta and how to provide feedback here