Keynote Web Monitoring 2015 October release notes

October 2015

We are happy to share with you that the latest release of Keynote Synthetic Monitoring! **  This release provides an all-new means of analyzing digital performance from the end-user’s perspective for digital business owners, including eCommerce, mobile, and digital marketing leaders through our all-new Digital Intelligence Platform . In addition, we integrated the Keynote platform with industry leading Dynatrace PurePath technology** , allowing customers the ability to trace discrete transactions from the edge of the Internet thru the cloud and data center , down to individual lines of code, powered by **out-of-the-box integration ** with **Dynatrace Application Monitoring. ** .. and that's just the beginning!


  1. The End of the Two Second Rule: Digital Performance Intelligence Platform is Now Live!

  2. Take Advantage of PurePath: Keynote Synthetic Monitoring is now integrated with Dynatrace Application Monitoring

  3. Take Our Data and Have Your Way with It: Keynote’s Next Generation Data API

  4. 110,000 + Members and Growing: Welcome to the Dynatrace APM Community!

  5. Script Synthetic Transactions in One-Click from the Browser: Early Access Available Now!

  6. User Experience Management and Synthetic Insights All-in-One through the Digital Experience Cockpit: Early Access Available Soon!

The end of the two-second rule: Digital Performance Intelligence

**Digital Performance Intelligence ** is a unique analytic solution built to give digital owners and IT performance professionals the data and insight they need to speak a common language anchored around the customer’s experience and business outcomes.

Our first release centers on Competitive and Third-Party Performance Benchmarking


  • Compare your site’s performance to multiple competitors on a global and regional basis
  • Quickly isolate the architectural differences in your page design that can help you gain competitive advantage
  • Dig deep into the components of your web pages—especially third-party services —and compare performance to competitors, digital leaders, or even pre-release versions of your site
  • Benchmark your third-party service providers over time and establish services levels (SLAs) based on objective measurement
  • Discover superior third-party service alternatives from the collective intelligence gathered across Dynatrace’s monitored sites, and drive digital business improvement

Take advantage of PurePath: Keynote Synthetic Monitoring is now integrated with Dynatrace Application Monitoring

  • Pinpoint app performance problems that are not client-side related
  • Trace every transaction starting from a synthetic monitor, through backend systems, 3rd parties, virtualized tiers and more
  • Go from client-side level to code-level in seconds
  • Eliminate finger pointing and guesswork by sharing PurePath traces
  • Reduce MTTR and Test cycles by getting deep, accurate information the first time to those who need it

Take our data and have your way with it: keynote’s Next Generation Data API

  • Next Generation of Data API provides access to all data within the Keynote database with the following new capabilities and benefits:
    • Filtering : Pull only the data you need; no need to post-process to remove extra data.
    • Speed : Faster response time due both to better filtering and new NoSQL infrastructure
    • Easy to learn : Fewer and simpler calls; just three different methods
    • Easy to use : Metrics in plain English so you don’t need a dictionary to understand what you are getting.
    • Third party applications : The Next Generation API’s data allows deeper integrations with third party applications such as Splunk, Elasticsearch, and many more!

Welcome to the Dynatrace APM Community!

For all of our Keynote customers, welcome to the Dynatrace APM Community where you can take advantage of:

  • The expertise of over 110,000+ active APM communities where members can share tips & tricks and best practices through forum interaction
  • Volumes of knowledgebase articles to get quick answers to some of your product questions
  • Online training modules and certification programs for APM professionals
  • A full set of product documentation all in one place
  • ..and if needed after all these options, open a support case through the online customer support system

All content is indexed regularly industry leading technology from Google for relevant search results when in need of answers!

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Script Synthetic Transactions in One Click from the Browser

  • A modern **web-based recorder ** is available in November as part of our Early Access Programs allowing customers to provide feedback into our development lifecycle.
  • Cross-platform support for both Windows and Mac users provides capabilities to record, edit and validate transactions all within the browser.
  • Seamless integration into the Keynote Service Center measurement management workflow will improve productivity for new and existing users.

.If you are interested in participating in the Early Access Program , please contact us!

User Experience Management and Synthetic Insights All-in-One through the Digital Experience Cockpit

Bring your business intelligence data through User Experience Management together with Operational Intelligence data from Synthetic Monitoring. As an IT professional, how do your know what the impact is on business outcomes by using Synthetic Monitoring alone? By combining the data in a single interface,

  • Web Operations teams can quickly identify availability issues that may not be reported by user experience management data
  • IT professionals can quickly assess the business impact of issues reported by synthetic monitoring
  • Incident management teams can visualize synthetic monitoring KPIs alongside user experience KPIs to report back to the business on the impact of an ongoing incident

This new capability will be available in November as part of our **Early Access Programs. ** If you are interested in participating, please contact us!