Location manager

MITE Geolocation features enable you to specify specific geographic locations to emulate when browsing or recording scripts.

You can select from predefined sites when you browse or record.

Managing locations

Select Preferences > Locations to access the Location Manager. The Location Manager displays all of the locations that have been created. The selected location will be reported to websites you visit as the location of your mobile device.

A location consists of a location name and a latitude and a longitude.

From this dialog you can delete existing locations or create new ones.

Click New... to display the Create New Location dialog.

Enter the name of the location and its latitude and longitude in decimal format and click OK. Longitudes west of the Greenwich meridian, and latitudes south of the equater are indicated as negative values.

Longitude and latitude information can be found on various websites.

The create new location dialog is also available from the Browse dialog.