Matrix test (MITE Pro only)

A matrix test allows you to play back one or more scripts using one or more devices. The results of a Matrix Test provide a quick overview of performance over multiple scripts and/or devices.

Matrix test results Clicking any cell in the Test details displays an image of the content of the associated page.

Performing a matrix test


If multiple scripts are to be included in a Matrix Test, a script group must be created. If multiple devices are to be included in a Matrix Test, a device group must be created first.

To create a Matrix test:

  1. Select Matrix test from the home tab. A dialog is displayed where you enter test details.

  2. In the dialog box fields:

    • Enter the name of the test.
    • Select a single script or script group.
    • Select a single device or device group.
  3. Click Run.

MITE score

In addition to the matrix of results shown above, when you perform a Matrix test a MITE score panel is shown, providing an overall result for the test. MITE score is based on.

Configurable results

The results of a Matrix Text are configurable to help you focus on different aspects of performance.

Color scale

The color scale can be based on:

  • None - No colors will be used to distinguish cell values.
  • Overall - Color will be based on the scores on in all cells, regardless of the script or device.
  • Per Script - Color will be used to distinguish results in different scripts.
  • Per Device - Color will be used to distinguish results from different devices.

MITE uses color gradation to indicate the range of cell values from lowest to highest.


These metrics shown in cells of the Matrix test can be chosen to include in the test results:

  • Script success - Pass/Fail; indicates whether the script was completed.
  • Script duration (msec) - The overall time taken to complete the script steps
  • Error code - Error code encountered in script playback
  • Number of actions - Number of actions in the script
  • Number of resources - Number of resources served during script playback
  • Number of content errors - Number of content errors reported
  • Total number of bytes (KBytes) - Total kilobytes downloaded during script playback
  • MITE score - Overall MITE score
  • MITE grade - Overall MITE grade