Device library and device groups

MITE provides an extensive library of mobile devices that you can select from to test websites. You can also add or modify devices.

To help select and work with devices, the Devices tab provides access to these tools:

  • Device library - Includes the list of available mobile device models and details about each.
  • Device groups - (MITE Pro only) Allows you to create groups of devices that can be used for testing.

Device library

The Device Library contains all the available device models and device profiles.

In the Models panel, a list of device manufacturers is displayed, with the available models viewable when the icon next to the manufacturer's name is clicked.

Each device model has one or more Device profiles. All matching Device profiles are shown in the Device repository when a model is selected in the Models list.

One model may have several device profiles. When there are multiple Device profiles for a device model, it usually indicates multiple firmware releases for the model, each with its own user agent string.

One device model may have multiple device profiles.

Selecting device profiles

Select specific device profiles using the hierarchical tree at the left or by ending text in the search area. You can find devices by entering any text that appears in the device profile name. Click the search icon or press Enter to execute a search.

The Advanced Device Filter dialog is available to filter the list of devices by several criteria. This filter works in conjunction with the search feature to narrow the list of device profiles the search will find.

Browsing or recording using a selected device

You can browse or record with any selected device profile by right-clicking the device and selecting Browse or Record.

Device groups (MITE Pro only)

You can create device groups that contain subsets of the complete device library based on criteria of your choice. For example, you can create a group of all of the Apple devices or all phones using Google Droid. Device groups can be used when doing testing to enable one or more scripts to be run on all devices in a device group.

To create a Device group:

From the Devices tab, select Device groups.

Right-click in the Device Groups panel and, a) select the plus sign, and b) give the new Device group a name.

Populate the Device repository by entering text in the Filter field to match the devices you want included in the new group. You can also select individual models from the model list to add them to the Device repository.

Some device models may have multiple device profiles, typically representing different firmware updates.

Select the devices you want from the Device repository and drag them to the Device group name in the Device groups panel.