MITE help

The MITE script recorder lets you test mobile content interactively by emulating more than 2000 device profiles. With MITE you can interact with websites in real time to analyze and optimize performance and quality of web content for mobile devices. MITE can also record scripts that can be used for on-demand testing or for monitoring with Mobile Web Perspective (MWP), and also can work as an add-in for HP UFT (previously known as QTP).

With MITE you can

Browse - The Browse mode provides direct navigation to explore mobile content. MITE can "grade" your site against widely accepted mobile web best practices to show how to improve your site for mobile use.

Record and play back scripts - This mode is similar to browsing, except that each navigation step is recorded in a script file that can later be replayed. Scripts recorded with a particular network carrier and mobile device can be replayed against a different carrier / device specification, or against several. Scripts created in MITE can be deployed for scheduled testing by Keynote Mobile Web Perspective. Emulate almost any mobile device - MITE's device catalog contains a large collection of mobile devices that you can use to browse or record scripts. Scripts recorded with one device may be played back with any other device. Do basic and advanced scripting - Dynamic websites may require custom scripting to get dependable results. MITE includes basic and advanced scripting tools to handle virtually any site. Test - Run a single script or group of scripts using one or a group of devices and network profiles.

About Free, MITE Pro, and MITE Enterprise Versions

MITE is available as a free testing tool or on a subscription basis (MITE Pro or MITE Enterprise). Some MITE features such as matrix testing (running a group of scripts across a group of devices) are only available in MITE Pro. MITE Enterprise includes all MITE Pro features, and also includes an HP UFT add-in version of MITE.