KITE virtual profiles

The Virtual Users feature enables you to create a collection of values that can be used by different Application Perspective or Transaction Perspective agents when taking measurements.

Although this feature is primarily designed to allow different agents to use different logins and passwords, it can be used for any situation when you want different agents to use different script values.

Virtual user values are placed in a table, similar to a spreadsheet. You can create a set of fields and create any number of rows of data, either manually or by importing a CSV file.

The "Default" row in the virtual user grid is reserved for recorder playback only. Only the rows below the default row are used in an actual measurements. The values in the grid can be cut/copied/pasted, and can be re-ordered any way you like. Associated values are displayed side-by-side, so it is easy to see all the values in each row that will be used in a script iteration.