Transaction performance details

This view displays a detailed, object-by-object visual representation of a Web transaction. The downloaded elements of each action in the recorded transaction are displayed on separate lines, with the start and end of each element's download shown as a horizontal bar. More detail about each element is displayed in separate panels as it is selected.

Color-coded elements

Elements displayed in the graph are color-coded:

  • Black is a normal element.
  • Blue is a gzipped element.
  • Green is a redirection.
  • Red is an error.

Selecting columns

A large number of measurement details that can be displayed in the Performance Details window. Right clicking on the header row and clicking Select Columns provides a list of available options.

Group by area

You can view your Performance Details grouped by multiple columns at the same time. The Group By area is is a grey pallete just above the column headers you can drag and drop columns into and out of, and instantly see your data reorganized.

When you select one of the items in the Group By area, the contents of the Transaction Performance Details window are ordered by the the selected object.

Enabling Group by

To use this feature, ensure that Options > UI > UI Skin > Allow Group By Area is checked. It is checked by default.

To turn on the Group By area, right click on Enable Group bythe column headers and click Toggle Group By Area.

Using Group by

When the Group By area is turned on, you can drag any column name to the Group By area wherever you want it.