Text viewer

The Text Viewer enables you to view text within your scripts, including CSS files, HTML and script code, and other text.

You can use the Text Viewer to:

  • Search for text.
  • Collapse or expand sections of code or other structured text.
  • Set (toggle) bookmarks, and quickly move between bookmarks.
  • Select text and copy it to the clipboard.

You cannot edit text with the Text Viewer.

You can change the way text is visually displayed in the Text Viewer using the Text Viewer Edit Options dialog.

Accessing text with the text viewer

The Text Viewer can display any text element displayed in the Transaction Performance Details view.

To open Web site text elements in the Text Viewer, select the line showing the text element and right click the mouse, then select View Content.

Text viewer controls

Find/Find Next - Find text strings in the currently open text.

View Whitespaces - Places visible markers in the text to indicate spaces, tabs, etc.

Collapse All/Expand All - With hierarchically structured text like CSS or JavaScript, this allows you to hide or show text sections below the top level.

Toggle Bookmark - Clicking once adds a bookmark at the location in the text where the cursor is located. Clicking again removes the bookmark.

Next/Previous Bookmark - Moves cursor to the next or previous location that has been bookmarked.