Measurement repository

The Measurement Repository displays measurements made during the current session using the currently open script. Measurements performed manually or automatically using burst mode are presented separately.

Double-clicking a measurement from the list causes the Transaction Performance Summary view to display the summary for the selected measurement.

Display options

The columns displayed in the Measurement Repository contain measurement details collected during a script playback. You can change the data columns displayed in the Measurement Repository and other display options by right-clicking in the column headings and selecting from the available options.

Comparing measurement runs

You can compare two measurements from the Measurement Repository. Comparing measurements can give insights into performance differences between Internet Explorer and Firefox, for example.

To compare two measurements, select one measurement you want to use as the baseline measurement in the Measurement Repository. Right-click and choose Select for Comparison in Performance Detail. Then select the measurement you want to compare with the first measurement.

The two performance details for the two measurements will be displayed in the Transaction Performance Details pane, with the baseline measurement's details highlighted in yellow.

By default, the downloaded items are displayed in the order they were requested by the browser. You can sort the results differently by clicking any of the column headers.

When you compare measurement results, the Transaction Performance Summary pane reflects the comparison.