When editing complex scripts the Clipboard feature provides multiple copy/paste buffers to work with. The Clipboard is particularly useful for "grabbing" several pieces of a script and then pasting them into one or more other similar scripts.

Viewing the clipboard

To view the clipboard, choose the View menu and then choose Open Views > Clipboard View.

Copying multiple items onto the clipboard

Each time you copy an item from the script it is placed on a separate line in the Clipboard. An item can be an entire action or an individual element in an action.  Once you have two or more items in the clipboard, you can click one item to select it and then select Paste to insert that item at the current insertion point in the script.

Renaming clipboard items

Items may be renamed to make them more meaningful and easy to remember by right-clicking and choosing "rename."  Renaming only affects the label on the clipboard; it has no effect on the contents of the item when pasted.

Selecting a clipboard item to paste

Once you have two or more items in the clipboard, you simply click one to select it before choosing "Paste" and that item will be pasted at the current insertion point.

Deleting clipboard items

You can remove unneeded items from the clipboard by deleting one entry or all entries: