Many KITE options can be changed using the Options dialog. To access, select File > KITE > Options.


  • Encrypt Scripts - same effect as deselecting encrypt.
  • Decode URL Encoding - Replaces the special characters included in URLs. (more to come). ApP expects URLs in decoded format.
  • Automatically check for updates - Enable to have KITE check for newer versions whenever it is run.
  • Auto Save Script - If enabled, always asks user to save script before playback, performance testing, or close KITE, if changes have been made.
  • Timeout Errors Fatal - If enabled, if script or action timeout is reached, script playback will terminate.
  • Action Name Maximum Length - Sets limit for action name. By default, 59 characters.
  • Transaction Name Maximum Length - Sets limit for transaction name. By default, 59 characters.
  • Local Script Scan Throttle (msec) - sets time to wait before scanning for second and subsequent folders.
  • Measurement Storage Directory - Specify the location where transaction data is stored. Two folders will be created under the specified folder: \HT for Application Perspective data and \TXN for Transaction Perspective data.
  • Archive Script’s Revisions - If this is selected, each time a script is saved, the previous version will be saved with an incremented number in the filename.
  • Format Script During Save (increases file size) - If enabled, saved scripts are formatted. if not, no formatting is applied, and script size is smaller.
  • Ask to Restore IE’s Cookies Cache - If selected, you are asked whether to restore the Cookie cache.
  • No Additional Panes On Start - If enabled, Start page will be displayed on start-up. Script Repository will also be displayed if Start Local Scripts View is enabled (below).
  • Automatically Open Additional Panes - If selected, when a script is open, all associated panes will be displayed. If disabled, only script view will be displayed when script is opened.
  • Start Page - Open Link In External Browser Window - If selected, when you click a link in the Start Page, new pages will be opened in your Web browser, not within KITE.
  • Enable Compatibility HTTP Encoding Handling (*) - If selected, KITE will direct WinInet to perform content decoding and deflating gzip and other content encoding schemes. By default, this option is used if Internet Explorer 8 is installed.
  • Add Script Report - Enables creation of a formatted, human-readable summary of the script contents.
  • IE Browser Mode - Enables selection of the Internet Explorer browser mode to be used for KITE script playback. Available only if running Windows versions that support Internet Explorer 9.
  • Enable GPU Rendering - Enables Internet Explorer 9 (if available) to use the computer's graphics processing unit.


Internet Explorer/recording

  • Connect through proxy server - Enable to use proxy.
  • UserName - Supply username for proxy.
  • Password - Supply password for proxy.

ApP - simulated browser


  • No proxy - No proxy will be used

  • Internet Explorer Settings - Proxy settings currently set in Internet Explorer are used. You can specify a Username and Password.

    • ProxyUserName - Supply proxy username.

    • ProxyPassword - Supply proxy password.

    • Bypass List - Supply a list of URLs for which the proxy server will be bypassed.
      Proxy Bypass allows a wildcard ( * ) to be used in the place of zero or more characters. To bypass servers, you can:

      • Enter a wildcard at the beginning of an Internet address, IP address, or domain name with a common ending. For example, use *.example.com to bypass any entries ending in .example.com (such as some.example.com and www.example.com).
      • Enter a wildcard in the middle of an Internet address, IP address, or domain name with a common beginning and ending. For example, the entry www.*.com matches any entry that starts with www and ends with com.
      • Enter a wildcard at the ending of an Internet address, IP address, or domain name with a common beginning. For example, use www.example.* to bypass any entries that begin with www.example. (such as www.example.com, www. example.org, and www. examplecorporation.com).
      • To bypass addresses with similar patterns, use multiple wildcards. For example, use 123.1*.66.* to bypass addresses such as,, and
  • Proxy Settings

    • Proxy URL - Specify a Proxy Server URL (followed by a colon and the port number).
    • Encrypt Settings - You may choose to encrypt your proxy settings.
    • ProxyUsername - Supply proxy username.
    • ProxyPassword - Supply proxy password.
    • Bypass List - Supply a list of URLs for which the proxy server will be bypassed. View the information above on how to specify a proxy bypass list.
  • Configuration Script

    • Configuration Script - Provide a URL to a proxy configuration script location.
    • Bypass List - Supply a list of URLs for which the proxy server will be bypassed. View the information above on how to specify a proxy bypass list.
  • Automatically Detect Settings - This option sets KITE to determine proxy settings

    • AutoDetectDHCP - Enable to have KITE automatically detect DHCP settings.
    • AutoDetectDNS - Enable to have KITE automatically detect DNS settings.
    • Bypass List - Supply a list of URLs for which the proxy server will be bypassed. View the information above on how to specify a proxy bypass list.


  • Default Transaction Timeout - Set a timeout value for each step of a transaction; 60 seconds by default.
  • Auto Attach Title to Action’s Name - If enabled, title of the HTML page will be used for Action name.
  • Auto Attach Title to Action’s Description - If enabled, the title of the HTML page will be used for Action description.
  • Record HTML Element’s Inner Text - If enabled, when certain HTML elements are encountered that do not contain certain attributes (as defined in KITE signature file HTMLSignatureRules.xml ), KITE will capture the inner text of those elements.

Transaction Perspective

  • Default Transaction Timeout (sec) - Set the default transaction timeout that will be used unless a different timeout is specified for a script.
  • Default Step Delay (msec) - Set the default step timeout that will be used unless a different timeout is specified for a step.
  • Use HTML Index in recording links - If selected, an index value can be used to select options in drop-downs, etc.
  • Default Event Network Inactivity - Specify the default inactivity value for HTTP messages completion condition. By default this is 1000 milliseconds.
  • Default Event Timeout (sec) - Specify default value in seconds for Timer completion condition. Default value is 3 seconds.
  • Record Frames by Name - If selected, names of frames or iframes will be recorded and used during playback. If not selected, index values will be used.
  • Dynamic New Page - Select default response when a dynamic page is encountered:
    • Prompt - Ask whether to record as new page/action.
    • Yes - Record as new page/action.
    • No - Do not record as new page/action.


UI skin [color and ribbon height]

Multiple settings for selecting ribbon height and color for many KITE UI elements.

  • Maximize MDI Windows - If enabled, MDI windows (Start, Text Viewer, Image viewer) will be displayed in maximized format.

  • Ignore Duplicate Signature Attributes - When enabled, when captured html elements have duplicate attributes, only the first attribute will be displayed for script element's attribute value.

  • Reverse Signature Order - By default, the parents of html elements are displayed in order. Enabling this setting reverses the order of display for parent elements.

  • Show Workspace - If enabled, hides workspace for MDI windows (maximize, minimize, and tab).

  • Enable Measurements Comparison

  • Start Local Scripts View - If enabled, the Script Repository will be displayed on start-up.

  • Report Grouping Initial State Expanded - Expand the display of all reports on start up (applies to Events, Transaction Performance Details, Measurement Repository)

  • Internet Explorer Options Dialog (*) - If enabled, allows access to IE Internet Properties dialog.

  • Show Summary Performance Dialog - If enabled, the Transaction Performance Summary will always be displayed when scripts are played back.

  • Always show MDI Client (*) - Specifies whether, the MDI Client window (the container for Start page, Text Viewer, Image Viewer) will be displayed. Possible values**:**

    • 0 - never hide
    • 1 - auto hide,
    • 2 - always hide
  • Display Virtual Profile Name - If enabled, and virtual profiles are enabled, profile names are displayed on Script>Playback box, and user may select by profile name. If not enabled, field values from first data column are displayed.

  • Single Record Button - For MyKeynote users, by default separate Record buttons are displayed for ApP and TxP. Enabling this option changes to a single Record button.

  • Remove White Space in Script View - Removes whitespace characters from attribute value of HTML elements in script view.

  • Allow Group By Area - When selected, allows an area at the top of the Performance Details page where columns can be selected to organize performance details.

  • Default HTML Viewer - If enabled (0), double-clicking an HTML element in performance summary opens a rendered view of the HTML content. If 1, then HTML will be displayed in text view.


  • Show Cached Resources - Include cached resources in performance views.
  • Show Non-Cached Resources Only - Include only non-cached resources in performance views.
  • Show Filtered Resources
  • Load Last Measurement - Displays previous measurement details results when opening a script.
  • Request Headers - If enabled, Request headers will be displayed in HTTP headers view.
  • Analyze Cookies from HTTP Messages - If enabled, reports the number of cookies in the request and response.
  • Ignore Incomplete HTTP Messages - If resources were not downloaded properly, ignore those resources.
  • Preserve User Selected Measurements Order - Saves the order of measurements specified by user in performance details view.
  • Combine IP And Port Measurement Details - If enabled, port number is included with IP address in performance details view.
  • View Content In Single Window - If enabled, same viewer will be reused when displaying text or image.
  • Content is shown on selection - If enabled, content is displayed on single click.
  • Show "Content Not Found" Messages - If enabled, when a resource is selected but is not available, a message will be displayed.,
  • Auto-Clean IE and DNS Cache - Enable to automatically clear IE browser cache and DNS cache.
  • Synchronize View with Actions Selection

UI skin

Multiple settings are available for setting colors used for data display.


These settings determine whether the following IE events will be reported:

  • IE Before Navigate

  • IE Command

  • IE Download Begin

  • IE Download Complete

  • IE Navigation Complete

  • IE Progress

  • IE Property

  • IE Status Text

  • IE Title

  • Navigation Error

  • Document Complete

  • Ignore Empty Events

  • HTTP Events

  • Report DOM Events - If enabled, DOM events for each HTML element will be reported.

  • Report Events After Completion - Display end of transaction in events view.

  • Do not Report IE Events For ApP engine - IE events will not be reported for ApP scripts.

Application Perspective

  • Execute JavaScript - If enabled, JavaScript will be executed.
  • Parse CSS - If enabled, CSS will be parsed.
  • Enable Cookies - Enable cookies during script execution.
  • Redirection Limit - Specify the maximum number of redirections that will be executed.


  • Base Page Only - If selected, only the base page will be downloaded, not page contents.
  • Java Applets - Enable to allow Java applets to be downloaded.
  • JavaScripts - Enable to allow JavaScript to be downloaded.
  • Images - Enable to allow images to be downloaded.

Default timeouts

  • Transaction (sec) - Set default timeout for entire transaction.
  • Connection (sec) - Set default timeout for initial connection.

Default User Agent

  • Browser - Choose browser to use for user agent string. User agent string for selected browser is shown below.

Transaction Perspective

  • KITE Playback Action’s Pause (sec) - After each action runs, specify a pause time in seconds before next action.
  • Show Legacy Browser Completion Conditions - Display Dispatch and Progress ready states.
  • Navigation Error Editor - If enabled, an error editor is available in which ignored errors may be entered.
  • Take Snapshots - Enable KITE to capture page snapshots.
  • Show Snapshots - Enable KITE to display page snapshots.
  • Ignore Errors Within Frames - If enabled, errors that are triggered by frame contents are ignored.

Default script settings

  • Page Results Rolled-up To Transaction Level - If selected, the measurements included in virtual actions and filters will be included in the overall transaction. This can be overridden on the individual virtual action level.
  • Regular Expression Filters - If selected, Regular Expressions will be allowed in virtual actions and filters by default. This can be overridden on the individual virtual action level.
  • Case Sensitive Filters - If selected, virtual action and filter settings will be case sensitive by default. This can be overridden on the individual virtual action level.
  • Report error if no network activity - If selected, an error will be reported for pages (actions) that do not include network activity.
  • Hide HTTP Referrer Filter

Internet Explorer engine

  • JS Reporting Enabled - If enabled, JavaScript is reported in performance waterfall and performance summary panels. If setting is changed, restart KITE for it to take effect.
  • JS Waterfall Reporting Minimum Time (msec) - Set the minimum JavaScript time that will be reported in the waterfall graph.

Firefox engine

  • Path to Firefox - Location of Firefox executable
  • Firefox Profile - Configuration settings for Firefox set by KITE—should not be changed.

Chrome engine

  • Path to Chrome - Location of Chrome executable
  • Chrome Profile - Configuration settings for Chrome set by KITE—should not be changed.