Active mode FTP scripts are not supported on public agents

Many customers use our Application Perspective (ApP) product for executing File Transfer Protocol (FTP) scripts. These scripts typically connect to an FTP server, log in, change directories, upload or download a file, and log out from the FTP server.

File transfers (upload and download) require a separate TCP connection from the original connection used for control. This separate FTP data connection can either be initiated by the client (Passive mode) or by the server (Active mode).

Our public ApP agents have access control lists (ACLs) that block connections from unauthorized sources. This means Active mode FTP file transfers will fail, so they are not supported on our public agents.

The alternatives that support using Active mode FTP file transfers are using either a hardware private agent or a cloud (software-based) private agent, also called Cloud ApP or CApP.  Please contact the CSM for your account to find out which private agent is right for you and how to get one.