KITE help

KITE, the Keynote Internet Testing Environment, is a desktop-based test and measurement environment for recording, editing, and playing scripts to analyze the performance of web applications.

KITE enables you to execute rapid performance analysis and validation directly on your desktop, and to create transaction scripts that can be used for monitoring by the Keynote global measurement infrastructure with Transaction Perspective and Application Perspective.

KITE uses real browser and emulated browser measurement technology

KITE supports the Keynote Real Browser (Transaction Perspective - TxP) and Emulated Browser (Application Perspective - ApP) Web monitoring services. At a high level, the differences between these services are:

  • Real Browser (TxP) measurements use real Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers to test Web applications. In simple terms, the TxP measurements provide complete and absolutely accurate end-user performance data, and will render and execute every item on all pages in all cases.

  • Emulated Browser (ApP) measurements use software developed by Keynote to approximate the execution of a browser. It will attempt to download the items encountered on pages, and optionally execute JavaScript logic, but dynamic and asynchronous components will not be executed and elements may not be rendered to the screen. ApP approximates the user experience by downloading many of the same page elements as a real browser, but the number of items downloaded and the download sequence will not be exactly the same as that experienced by real users.

The inherent strengths of an emulated browser are its rich programmability (using JavaScript), its ability to emulate multiple browsers, and its ability to allow exclusion of any desired Web content. Also, the since cost of running an emulated measurement is less than running one on a real browser, ApP measurements have a significantly reduced price (when using Keynote paid subscription service).

Basic KITE workflow

  1. Record: Navigate through areas of your web application that you want to test and measure. KITE will record them easily for you.
  2. Test Locally: Test your web application from your desktop and review the performance metrics.
  3. Measure Globally: Use your KITE script to perform instant tests of multi-page transactions from several global locations for free, or subscribe to one of the Keynote web performance measuring services for accurate, ongoing monitoring of your site.